About Us


Algoma Candle Company began as a hobby to fill a void that the pandemic created. Our family began making soy wax candles and melts to use in our own home as the candles we had previous purchased were unavailable. We had a strong focus on safe candles, the kind with cotton wicks free from lead, paraben free wax, and superb oils exempt from harsh chemicals. As a family we mixed small batches of the scents we wanted, hand poured them into glass jars, and brainstormed personalized names before creating fun labels and affixing+ them to the jars. It wasn’t long after that we discovered that many others were seeking the very product we had created. In a very short time we were able to offer our candles and melts in a few select brick and mortar stores. Over just a few months the demand for our products grew and grew in our local communities, a demand we are happy to meet. We are now extremely excited to offer these hand poured, small batch, clean candles and melts to your community.

four Algoma Candle Company holiday candles in a pile of leaves

What made you start Algoma Candle Company?

Jacquelyn likes candles, we were always picky with what candles we bought and stayed away from the cookie cutter big box stores. When the pandemic happened there was a shortage of many items, and jars were one of them. The company that we were accustomed to purchasing candles from decided that it was too difficult to operate and took a short break from production-this left us without a great option for the candles we liked. So I decided that I could do this, I could fix this problem …and I began my research and purchased the items I needed to make candles. My candles became gifts for family and friends and before I knew it I was working with a local small business providing their candles. From there we expanded and are now providing candles in multiple stores. In 2022 I began participating in fairs and craft events and have started down a new avenue providing candles for weddings and fundraisers.